Shirdi: A Holy Destination for Sai Baba Followers

Shirdi is a holy destination revered for being home to the highly revered saint, Sai Baba who spent major portion of life here. Sai Baba later took Samadhi in this place. This is one of the reasons why Shirdi has now become one of the most sought-after destinations for Sai Baba followers. If you are looking out for a peaceful and serene getaway in Maharashtra, then you should definitely consider visiting Shirdi. One of the major attractions of this place is the Sai Baba Mandir, where you can find the Samadhi of Sai Baba, along with his idol. In addition to this, there are numerous places throughout Shirdi wherein you can something or other about the Sai Baba. If you want getaway from the hustles and bustles of city life, then you should definitely consider visiting this place. Following are couple of Shirdi attractions, which might interest you:

Chawadi: Sai Baba used to go on a procession from Dwarkamai to Chawadi on every alternate day. Thereafter, he used to sleep there itself. Today, a palanquin procession of Baba's Photo, Holy Padukas and Satka is taken out every Thursday to Chawadi. Divided into two parts, Chawadi houses of a huge portrait of Baba, along with his wooden bed and white chair.

Sai Baba's CHAVADI Shirdi

Maruti Temple: Situated just a few minutes distance from the cottage of Abdul Baba, Maruti Temple is a favorite destination for devotees. You can regularly find visitors offering their prayers in this temple. Sai Baba had a special devotion for this temple and such was his dedication that he used to regularly visit here. He used to also conduct satsangs at the Maruti Temple, along with Devidas- a Bal yogi who resided in the temple more than a decade before Baba first came in the Shirdi.

Maruti Mandir, Shirdi
Maruti Temple

If you are visiting this destination for the first time, then you would have to perform thorough research about it.  This would particularly help in finding a decent accommodation in Shirdi. You should look out for the best hotels and resorts in Shirdi. This will ensure that your stay in Shirdi turns out to be a memorable experience.