Sai Sahavas Shirdi Celebrating Republic Day

Any time you think about India, the first thing that will occur to you is hospitality. It truly is the backbone of our distinctive culture and royal traditions since centuries. People love coming to India on account of this. You will find a lot places around the world for vacationers. Yet one just cannot consider oneself genuinely a traveler unless one visits the Indian Subcontinent because this kind of a unity in variety could be seldom seen elsewhere in the world. You are not a tourist until you’ve toured India completely. In order to travel different parts of India, you would have to visit here for a long span of time.

In past few years, India has developed dramatically. The world has come closer due to technological advancements in the travel & tourism industry. Such advancements help visitors book their vacation packages or hotel accommodations during their trip to India with ease. 
This triumph would not have been possible without our intellectuals & visionaries who were part of India’s freedom. Shirdi Hotel Sai Sahavas salutes all the martyrs and visionaries that have contributed towards the freedom struggle of India and made us republic on 26th, January 1950.