A latest movie on Shirdi Sai Baba

The popularity of Shirdi and the greatness of Shri Saibaba can be visualized by the number of movies made on the subject. These films are made by different people, in various languages but the aim of producing these films on Sai Baba are one and the same, which is nothing but great affection towards this great saint of Maharashtra. He never differentiated between rich and poor, as well as Hindi or Muslim. He taught the people art of living together peacefully and helping the poor and the neglected.
Shirdi Sai- The Movie
Shirdi Sai- The Movie
Nagarjuna has come out with his project of making a film on Shri saibaba in which he himself will play the central roll. And it is supposed that this performance would rank amongst his best ever performances. Nagarjuna a well known Telugu actor is famous for its glamour and it is for sure that his performance in the film will be totally matching to the life story of Shri Saibaba. He has portrayed the climax scenes in a most prudent way and is sure to bag many awards for his leading role in the movie. Other actors having brief roles are Srijkanth, Saath Babu, Kamalinee and Sayali Shinde.
Shirdi Sai Baba
Shirdi Sai Baba-Temple
On the technical front this typical movie of Raghavendra Rao has done well and music by Keeravani is great. Raghvendrra a reputed film maker has used all his experience and talent has expressed the life story of the great personality in the most sophisticated and brief manner. Keeravani is confident about the success of the songs introduced in the movie. The movie from the technical angles like editing and cinematography is quite interesting. Raghvendra Rao has presented the emotional scenes most effectively. View this movie to get some idea about the lifestyle of the saint otherwise visit Shirdi so that you can get the blessing of Shri Sai. While moving to Shirdi you can book your stay at Hotel Sai Sahavas which will provide you a divine surrounding and a serene atmosphere.