Guru Purnima In Shirdi

Shirdi is a town in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra state in India, and is home to one of the richest temple organizations. It is also well-known as the place where Shirdi Sai Baba lived between the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. He is worshipped by devotees around the world and is believed to have performed several miracles during his lifetime. Today, the holy town of Shirdi is visited by millions of pilgrims every year, who come from different places to seek the revered saint's blessings. Excellent connectivity through rail and road enables devotees to reach this place without any hassles. 
Shirdi Gurupournima 2013
Shirdi Guru purnima 2013
A lasting tradition of Gurus was established by Sai Baba in his lifetime which continues to exist in recent times. The full moon day in Ashadha month which falls between July and August is celebrated as Guru purnima in Shirdi by devotees. History of the celebration dates back to the early twentieth century. One fine day, Sai Baba spoke to one of his disciples about the significance of this day when Gurus can be worshipped. When the disciple, along with his friends, found out that the day was Guru purnima, they began worshipping Sai Baba as their Guru. This practice is still followed by devotees in Shirdi and other parts of the world. Celebrations involve performing Guru Pooja, which is a prayer offered to the revered saint. Devotees can either perform this Pooja at home or attend a Sai Guru Pooja at the Sai Baba Temple in Shirdi. They can also sponsor the Pooja performed at Sai Baba Temple by providing articles used in the rituals or offering donations. Devotees around the world are eagerly waiting for Shirdi Guru purnima 2013 to offer their prayers to Shri Sai Baba. 

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Shirdi Temple History

Shirdi once a small village in Maharashtra known to very few people, has acquired a great reputation among the pilgrimage and tourist places of the state. Popularity of this abode of the great saint of Maharashtra has crossed borders of the state and has reached overseas places. Due to this enormous popularity hordes of devotees and tourists are visiting Shirdi, to get the blessings of Shri Sai Baba. The devotees have a firm belief that one who visits Shirdi is blessed by Sai and gets whatever he wishes. Firm belief on Shirdi Sai Baba repeatedly brings the devotees to Shirdi making this destination always brimmed up with the disciples of Sai Baba.    

Shirdi is a town in Ahmedngar district of Maharashtra located just fifteen km from Kopergaon and around seventy-five km from Nashik railway station. It is easily accessible from major cities in Maharashtra like Mumbai, Pune and Nashik. The temple complex in Shirdi spread on an area of around two hundred km is located in the heart of Shirdi village. It consists of Khandoba Temple, Gurusthan, Samadhi Mandir, Dwarkamai, Chavadi and Lendi bag. Shirdi Sai Baba temple is built over Samadhi of Sai during the year 1922. The idol of Sai Baba in this temple is carved out from a single piece of Italian marble in the year 1954. There is an assembly hall in the temple which can accommodate around six hundred devotees at a time. The Shirdi temple which houses Baba’s Samadhi was originally a large private house called wada.

Sai baba teble Shirdi
Shirdi Sai Baba Temple

The shrine was built by a wealthy devotee and a businessman called Gopalrao Booty from Nagpur. Booty was inspired in a dream in which Baba told him to build a house and a temple. Another devotee of Sai Baba called Shama had the same dream. Both of them made some rough sketches and showed it to Dixit for approval, who took them to Sai Baba for getting permission. Baba readily told them to go ahead and like this the temple in Shirdi took shape. Actual construction work of the temple started in 1915 and was known as Dagadi wada, since it was built out of Stone. Shama one of the close devotees supervised the construction of ground floor and basement. The supervision work was further continued by Bapusaheb another close devotee of Sai. During the construction of the building, Booty took permission regarding installation of statue of Murlidhar on the ground floor of the temple. After Baba left his material body it was taken to the wada and kept at the place where the statue of Murlidhar was supposed to be established.

This abode of Sai is full of devotees throughout the year. Specially during the Shri Ram Navami,Shri Gurupournima, Shri Punyatithi prime festivals of Shirdi the destination really overflows with great influx of devotees. So it is advisable to book your accommodation in Shirdi prior your arrival at this destination, in one of the hotels near Shirdi temple. Hotels located near the temple are more convenient and favored by visitors.