Shirdi To Shani Shinganapur

India is a land preserving cultural and traditional values strengthened by the religious beliefs. This makes its inhabitants devotional believing in one or the other religion. Hindus the major sect of the Indian community keeps faith in many gods and goddesses. Shani supposed to be the son of Surya and Chhaya and the elder brother of Yama, is one of the strongest god in Hinduism. The word Shani also means seventh day and also corresponds to the planet Saturn. There are very limited temples of Shani who is also known by the name Shanaishchara. Some of the major temples of Shani are Shree Shanaishchara Koil in Tamilnadu, Shri Shani Mandir Wagholi Vasai, Shani Devaalayam in Deonar, Mumbai, Shani Shingnapur near Nashik, and Shri Shani Temple Titwala. Among these temples Shani Shinganapur is the most popular Shani temple.

The temple of Shani in Shinganapur is located between Shirdi and Aurangabad. This self evolved idol called Swayambhu is an age old black stone idol which emerged from earth and was noticed by a shepherd from nearby village. When the shepherd touched the stone it started bleeding. On the same night Lord Shanaishwara appeared in the dreams of many shepherds and told them that the black stone is nothing but his own swayambhu form. The shepherds asked the lord about constructing a temple at the place. Shani dev declined about constructing a roof but told the shepherds to perform daily Pooja and Tailabhisheka on every Saturday. This is the reason behind not constructing a roof or a proper temple at Shinganapur. The idol of Shani is kept on an open platform. The lord also promised the shepherds that the hamlet will be protected by him from thieves and dacoits. 

Shani Temple at Shinganapur

This can be experienced even today at Shani Shinganapur village where the houses, shops and temples within the periphery of one km from the Shani temple are having no doors and ultimately no locks. On a few occasions when someone tried to steal things he died by vomiting blood. This has proved the truth in the belief and a fear of Shani Dev which keeps the thieves and the burglars away from the thoughts of attempting robbery in this village. There is a common belief that lord Shani is stricter and once he starts harassing a person the person suffers from many problems in life. To keep oneself away from the bad sight of Shani, people visit the nearby Shani temples or Hanuman temples on Saturday’s and offer an oil bath to the idol. Shani Shinganapur is visited by hordes of devotees praying for Lord Shani’s favor. It is advisable and more convenient for the devotees who are visiting Shirdi to extend their visit to the Shani temple at Shinganapur. Shirdi to Shani Shinganapur is just a matter of seventy four km and can be conveniently travelled by road. Best time to visit this Shani temple is on Saturday and the other favorite day is the Shani Trayodasi. If it is a combination of Saturday and Amavasya in a single day then it is the best time to visit Shani Shinganapur.

After visiting Shirdi the most revered pilgrim of Maharashtra you can also visit the places near Shirdi like Shani Shinganapur and get the blessings of the most powerful god. At the same time you can keep yourself away from what is called as Shani Pida the bad period coming in many peoples life. We at Hotel Sai Sahavas in Shirdi will offer all guidance regarding the means of travel, your wonderful stay near Shirdi SaiBaba temple and further information on how to visit the places near Shirdi.