Muktidham Mandir Nashik

Muktidham is a benevolent marvel at Nashik in Maharashtra, purely carved out of marble which is the most favored tourist destination in the city. This is the place where a pilgrim or a visitor is supposed to get Mukti or freedom from all the attractions as well as atrocities of life. This unique Hindu temple in Nashik was built from the whole hearted donation offered by the industrialist Late Shri JayramBhai Bytco of the popular Bytco industries in Nashik. It is located near Nashik railway station and is just seven km from the city center.

Nashik MuktiDham Mandir 

The great theme behind building this temple was to accommodate the great number of Hindu gods and goddesses in a single temple complex. These premises are operated and looked after privately by a trust. Special Makrana marble was used in the construction of this incredible abode of gods, which was shaped by the artistic hands of Rajasthani sculptors, much popular in creating marvelous structures from marble. The visitors can view and worship the replicas of twelve Jyotirlinga’s which are supposed to be the places of prime religious importance. There is a mythological legend which describes the significance of these places having the explicit Jyotirlinga’s. The best time to visit Muktidham temple in Nashik is during the event of “Kumbh Mela” the popular religious gathering of saints, seers and hordes of devotees who come from different places in India to attend this important religious event. Nashik Kumbhmela is a celebration held once in twelve years, when Nashik and the surrounding area get flooded with devotees and Sadhus. Nashik is adjacent to Shirdi and the Shirdi to Muktidham distance is around 240 km

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