Ajanta Ellora Caves

Ajanta Ellora caves display the best example of ancient Indian art in the form of paintings dating back to the second century BC. These are the finest masterpieces of Buddhist religious art available in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra. The caves are at a distance of around one hundred four km from Aurangabad and just fifty nine km from Jalgaon railway station. Ellora caves comprise of both Hindu and Jain temples along with Buddhist caves.

Ajanta Ellora caves- heritage sites of Maharashtra

 Ajanta Ellora caves are carved out of the side of a cliff on the George of river waghora and are declared as UNESCO World Heritage site.  Ajanta Ellora caves built between 6th and 10th centuries AD are also honored as World heritage site. These caves once lost in the span of time were accidentally rediscovered by a British officer who unnoticeable entered one of the caves while chasing a tiger. These masterpieces of architecture in the form of monasteries are having vihara halls which were used for prayers and were centered with incredible statue of Buddha in a meditation pose. These things are unbelievably carved out of hard rock. The other sections are Chaitya hall with a stupa. The entrances of caves are adorned with superficial carvings. These Ajanta Ellora caves are major tourist attraction of Maharashtra.

Ajanta Ellora Caves

There are total ten caves in which cave number one is located on the eastern end with less damaged paintings. This cave was built by Vakataka king Harishna and his influence is seen in the art and architecture of the cave. It is also visible from the fact that Jataka tales were selected for depicting which describe previous life of Buddha. Cave number two is composed of beautiful carvings on the front side as well as on the inner walls. The scenes painted on the walls are mostly from the life of Buddha with many other beautiful designs. There are total three doorways. Other caves consist of purely devotional scenes from the Jataka stories based on the life of Gautam Buddha.  Among the paintings most popular are the Padmapani and Vairapani which are bigger life size images of Bodhisattvas.

These heritage sites of Maharashtra in the form of Ajanta Ellora caves are easily reachable by road, whereas Shirdi to Ellora caves distance is just one hundred seventy four km. At Shirdi we offer most comfortable means of accommodations at our hotel Sai Sahavas located in a central location near Shirdi temple.