New Year 2013 celebration in Shirdi

New Year 2013 Celebration in Shirdi
Shirdi an epitome of religious harmony, sanctity and a spiritual center is blessed by Shri Sai Baba the great saint of Maharashtra. New Year is celebrated in accordance to its reputation with religious events and spiritual teachings. The forthcoming New Year 2013 in Shirdi will be welcomed with prayers and pooja’s of Shri Sainath for the betterment of mankind.   

On the Eve of New Year in Shirdi the temple will be visited by devotees to offer payers to Sainath. It will be kept open for the prayers to continue till midnight. Starting from evening hourly archana will be performed till midnight which ends with routine Shej arati. Chanting of Naam jap, scriptural reading and singing bhajan’s of Sai will mark the evening. This will avail opportunity to the devotees of entering New Year in a totally spiritual atmosphere. Those devotees who are present at Shirdi to welcome the New Year will be lucky enough to get blessings of their Guru during this auspicious start of the New Year. There will be a special arrangement of receiving Pooja request either by phone or email, to those devotees who will not be able to reach Shirdi on New Year’s Day. This year female devotees can also be on the fore front during celebrations by performing Paalkhi seva, Pooja and aarti of Shri Sai at the temple every first Thursday of the month. In order to manage the large crowd which is going to gather here for the celebrations ladies and gents are appealed to act as volunteers in the temple surroundings.

The mandir complex will be decorated with traditional decorations and oil lamps. Beautiful rangolis will be displayed at entrances. The hotels in Shirdi are all set to welcome the guests on the eve of New Year. Special discounts are already declared by the hotels like hotel Sai Sahavas in Shirdi. The New Year has started approaching fast, act in time to book your hotel in Shirdi and witness the exaggerating New Year celebrations in Shirdi.