Christmas Celebration in Shirdi

Located in Ahmednagar District, Shirdi is well-known as home of the revered saint, Shri Sai Baba. He believed that one God governs all, and this belief has been accepted by devotees who come from different corners of the world to this town for pilgrimage. People who come during Christmas in Shirdi can find a totally different atmosphere in the region as many pilgrims benefit from holidays that they have in this season. As Christmas is a public holiday in India, people come with their entire family to Shirdi and participate in temple rituals. Authorities make appropriate arrangements in advance to avoid causing any hassles to these devotees.

People travelling to this region can find excellent public and private transport modes. Excellent connectivity to neighbouring cities offers great convenience for people of those cities to visit Shirdi and offer their respects to Sai Baba. Tourists can experience Christmas celebration in Shirdi while staying at one of the best hotels or resorts of this town. Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai is currently used by domestic and international tourists travelling by air to get to the region. A newly constructed railway station called Sainagar Shirdi is used by devotees travelling by trains to reach the temple of Sai Baba. Spending Christmas 2012 in Shirdi would be a great experience for them. As it happens every year, many devotees and tourists are expected to visit this town around this time. They can have luxurious accommodations in hotels and resorts of this region, along with certain added amenities for making their stay a pleasant experience.

Hotels around Sai Baba temple complex serve only vegetarian food, considering the sentiments of devotees. Some of them have various attractions in store for tourists who wish to enjoy Christmas 2012 celebration in Shirdi along with people who accompany them. Today, most of these hotels and resorts have their own websites and offer online booking facilities for people who want to have a comfortable stay during their time spent in Shirdi. They can choose rooms or suites in according to their preferences and budgets, while multi-cuisine restaurants would have delicious treats awaiting them for Christmas.