Celebrations of Sri Ram Navami festival 2012 in Shirdi

This year Sri Ram Navami festival will be celebrated at Shirdi from 31st March to 2nd of April. Ram Navami is celebrated because it is believed that Lord Rama was born this day. It is among the three major festivals celebrated at Shirdi with a great passion and devotion. During these three days, thousands of devotees flock to Shirdi to get immersed in the sea of grace and attend the celebrations of this grand festival.

Ram Navami festival 2012 at Shirdi

During these three days Shirdi gets rejuvenated with overflowing enthusiasm and the traditional decorations. The decoration and beautification of the area surrounding the Samadhi temple during Ram Navami Utsav in Shirdi is really awesome. Along with the normal celebrations, the special thing about Rama Navami celebrations in Shirdi is that two processions are taken around, one is the Ram Navami and the other is a Muslim procession for the celebration of Urus. The notable point is that both Hindus and Muslims are working together in both processions during entire festival and there have been no confrontations between them. This can be looked upon as impact of Shri Sai Babas teachings of respecting all the religions. In Shirdi, two locally historic rituals are carried out during the festival of Ram Navami. Sack of wheat kept in Dwarkamai is changed on this day and the old one is taken to prasadalaya to be used there. The second ritual is that Dwarkamai flags are replaced.

The celebrations of Ram Navami include puja, bhajan, public parayana or reading scriptures and devotional texts and spiritual processions with palanquin as well as the Chariot. During one of these days the Samadhi Mandir remains open all night while Dwarkamai remain open on the previous night. Bhajan & Qawali sessions are observed at various locations in the village. Make sure you observe the Ram Navami festival 2012 at Shirdi.