New Year celebrations at Shirdi, a totally enchanting experience

This year we thought of celebrating the New Year at Shirdi, the spiritual center of Maharashtra blessed by the great saint of Maharashtra Shri Sai Baba. As regular visitors to Shirdi we booked Hotel Sai Sahavas, from Mumbai itself, which suits our budget as well as our expectations. This time we observed increase in the already big numbers of devotees from the nearby cities rushing to Shirdi on the New Years Eve.

Normally Shirdi sleeps only for a little time since the devotees are pouring day and night through out the year. But during the New Years Eve Shirdi is awake throughout the night. The Sai Baba Samadhi temple is specially kept open on the New Years Eve. So the devotees can visit the Samadhi temple during day and during night. At Lendi garden thousands of devotees were present with a candle in their hand. The Bhajan Sandhya arranged by the sansthan was really a spiritual feast for the Sai devotees. Many of the devotees were observed reading Shri Sai Charitra in front of the temple. The place was filled with devotion and respect for Sai. The bhajans were sung in many different languages. The New Year was approaching in an atmosphere of devotion and trust.

As the clock struck 12.00 the bells started ringing in the Sai temple welcoming the New Year 2012. A big applause of Shri Sacchidanad Sai Maharaj ki Jay was heard and everyone was heard giving greetings of the New Year 2012. When we returned to the hotel, we observed a mixed atmosphere of prayers and greetings of the New Year. We left Shirdi with memories of a totally serene New Year celebration theme.